Hello, my name is Stephie Rojas.


Aside from my crisper drawer, you will find no greenery in my home. I'm trying to keep all four of my children alive whilst keeping makeup on. This is why I can't take on the responsibility of a single plant. For a year, I tried to keep the kitchen bright with orchids; I felt like a murderer.

Somehow I gave birth to all four kids within 39 months. I pee when I laugh. But I always have mascara on. It's who I am.

My proudest moment was when I was once described as "ebullient". I had to look it up in my high school library's Miriam Webster. To this day, my goal is to live up to this special adjective: to bubble over with happiness and love, and fill my home with both. I try, but I have my emo and yelly moments.

Someone once said, "you'll always be too much of something for somebody, so just be yourself." I live for jewelry and makeup. I sneak diet soda. My favorite emails say "your order has shipped." Somehow my brain was born a double-process blonde but my follicles are brunette, therefore due to my monthly need to become as blonde as chemically possible, my colorist of 16 years has become a BFF. I write. I cook. I love my phone. I drink wine. I snuggle. And I say no to almost everything else.