Photo: David Stingle

Photo: David Stingle

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Beauty Gifts With Purchase: On Sharing

Beauty Gifts With Purchase: On Sharing

If we know each other, it's likely that I have given you a bag of little beauty treats to play with, or you have either suggested or brought me an awesome/curious new beauty product to try. I tend to unilaterally foist my favorites upon people; a little bag full of makeup, haircare, fragrance, skincare, etc. means "I love you."

And, many of my friends have learned that giving me a fun beauty item means "I love you back." I also take hugs; the currency of both is love and appreciation.

Gifts are symbolic and it's in our human DNA to want to share with people we love. Psychologically speaking, gift giving is a deeply natural way of forming bonds, and contemporarily speaking, sharing online is in the same vein: "I am imparting and conveying and offering something I like," you say, with every Instagram post or Snapchat story. "Unwrap my little gift," each post offers. To me at least.


I also take hugs;

the currency of both is love and appreciation.


Inasmuch, Nordstrom, Saks, Cosbar and Sephora must really, truly love us back. The fall gifts-with-purchase season is in full swing. The awesome Bluemercury and legendary Barney's "Love Yourself" beauty events are over (so sorry, I meant to tell you, but caring for my brood kept me both busy and happy) and the Nieman Marcus beauty gift wasn't great. So, now is a good time for me to let you know who is giving away a giant load of awesome free stuff today. (Sidebar: Ulta's tagline is "Where Beauty Loves You Back," but they don't have a gift with purchase offering at this exact moment.)


First, directly below is the Cosbar fall GWP. For $150, you get all the booty seen here. Not bad.



And awesomely, Nordstrom is offering an huge 14-piece GWP for any $165 purchase in their online SpaceNK Apothecary section, as well as a nice 22-piece men's bag with an $85 grooming or cologne purchase (that's a PC way of saying "traditionally mens"). See below. I tried to see if I could stack the two; I couldn't. Maybe you can.


Additionally, Saks is stepping up their normally quite stingy gifting program with a nice fall beauty bag. Unusually, it looks quite generous. If you were already planning on buying some fragrance or cosmetic treats, consider doing it at Saks and stacking the individual brand bonuses as well (nice ones from Nars, Gucci, Burberry, et al.). It's so satisfying to feel appreciated as a customer, right?



Last, and frankly kinda least, is Sephora. They're now offering a "Weekly Wow" situation that highlights and discounts a handful of items. Don't be fooled; it's sale stuff anyway. Not that there is anything wrong with sale items... just don't believe that you'll never find these prices again. You will.

But, the promo codes that usually proffer one deluxe sample per Sephora order do seem to be trending towards the more magnificent at this point in time (it ebbs and flows). There are currently three promo codes gifting a bunch of deluxe goodies instead of one. If you were already planning to pick up some gifts or perhaps try a new haircare item, try the online codes SCENTED, PURIFY, or THIRSTY. But act fast. The Sephora goodie promos don't last long. Especially ones like these with a loot bag instead of one measly perfume sample (meh). Also, you always get 3 smaller samples with any purchase (usually little foil-packette types). 


You're welcome. Love you too. 

Remember, I take hugs. 

Xx, Mom in Mascara




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